PhotoMingle Interactive Photo's

Photos are all about making memories.

We’ve all seen the classic photo booth at weddings or in the mall. They’re fun and nostalgic, but they don’t really connect people – especially at large events. You want your guests to take as many photos as possible, but also personalize them with their own unique touch. And you also want to be able to easily share those photos in whatever way you choose, from printed books to keepsakes to social media.

Now there’s an open air alternative that invites, engages and delivers an amazing photo experience to you and your guests, from weddings to tradeshows and beyond. Meet PhotoMingle: the original social photo-kiosk that truly Thinks Outside the Booth.™

Getting started is simple: just touch… and go! PhotoMingle’s unique multi-touch screen is unlike any experience you’ve had with other touch-sensitive devices. And it’s big – 46″ of space for you and your guests to Capture, Create and Connect™